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Heyo! So this is a server I'm going to (try) and post all of my more "family friendly" content, per se! So, basically, my talk about server stuff and things of that nature will go here. My other account on my AD will be for, well... other things~

food, candy, mention of sexism 


nice. so it seems like my wireless headset has died. plugged in power and there's no sign of life.

The good news is when I looked it up, it's apparently not completely dead, it's just in "bootloader mode". The bad news? Apparently escaping said mode requires Windows, and guess whose install stopped working yesterday? .-.

ranting about Windows, sarcasm at the end 

one thing that i find frustrating is that it seems like, after a week or two, my authoritative DNS server i chose decides to just not serve TFTown's records anymore until I go and re-send them

Not any other site, just TFTown's.

only a little ranty 


ayyyyy, it only took, like, what, most of today but i finally got my frontend for The Apparatus/nginx_rtmp somewhat functional! With a database backend, channel description, avatar, a live indicator, stream key auth, and changeable backgrounds too ~^

For some reason it's not properly streaming to medium and low quality, but I'll figure that out in due time. This is progress though, and I feel a little bit happy ^

For a bit I forgot how frustrated I get trying to use uwsgi :V

i tell you, one of these days i'm actually going to start and finish a tech project

i'd use opennic more tbh if it weren't for the fact that you can't really get a trustworthy SSL certificate for it and it's inaccessible to a vast majority of people

me, giving a sigh: "okay, figured that out. it looks good! ...the nav menu still works when on mobile, right?"
the mobile nav menu: is horrendously broken

me, looking at a webpage i put together: "hey, looks great! let's see if it does well on mobile..." shrinks webpage width
the webpage: falls apart

hm. i discovered that trying to cat /dev/urandom on WSL crashes WSL lol

Kinda want to revive that fedi client i was working on with a new name and purpose

I'd want to make it easier to post between multiple accounts and, in particular, take advantage of different bangtags on monsterpit-based instances in a more user-friendly manner. Maybe also add in some admin API functionality as well?

The app's name, barring anyone else hasn't taken it yet, would be Joster (jort (jean shorts) poster)


i should really get better at posting all my ordinary, not extremely out of the ordinary thoughts here

me, looking at just the items in the latest RPG humble bundle: "ah, i wonder why there's so many products in the highest tier as opposed to the rest of them"
me, looking at the price of the highest tier in the latest RPG humble bundle: "ah. i see. all is revealed."

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