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nice. so it seems like my wireless headset has died. plugged in power and there's no sign of life.

The good news is when I looked it up, it's apparently not completely dead, it's just in "bootloader mode". The bad news? Apparently escaping said mode requires Windows, and guess whose install stopped working yesterday? .-.

re: ranting about Windows, sarcasm at the end 

re: ranting about Windows, sarcasm at the end 

ranting about Windows, sarcasm at the end 

one thing that i find frustrating is that it seems like, after a week or two, my authoritative DNS server i chose decides to just not serve TFTown's records anymore until I go and re-send them

Not any other site, just TFTown's.

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@kaniini Those are fake credentials to be replaced by an admin... r-right?

@kaniini I'm not well versed in ldap, but it sounds cursed and therefore something I'd want to try

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re: list 


ayyyyy, it only took, like, what, most of today but i finally got my frontend for The Apparatus/nginx_rtmp somewhat functional! With a database backend, channel description, avatar, a live indicator, stream key auth, and changeable backgrounds too ~^

For some reason it's not properly streaming to medium and low quality, but I'll figure that out in due time. This is progress though, and I feel a little bit happy ^

@monorail it's the production server one uses with python apps

For a bit I forgot how frustrated I get trying to use uwsgi :V

@kaniini Ahh... That in general can be a bit of a finicky setup from what I know. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a way to set up Gentoo to work with it though, but I'd say it might be a good idea to look it up ahead of time just to make sure.

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